Why Would YOU Invest in an IEO?

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Why Would YOU Invest in an IEO?

Initial Exchange Offerings have received a mixed reception from the Blockchain community. Are they the new, improved version of ICOs? Or are they yet another way that scam artists can rip off well meaning investors?

Thankfully they are the former!

The exchange that lists the IEO has the responsibility to do due diligence on the startup before listing the tokens on its Launchpad.
So the investigation work is largely done for you, however it is best to take a good look at the product in development.
Is an idea yet to be developed? Is it a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) or is it a product that’s up, running and profitable?

Finding an IEO that already has a profitable product is the holy grail for investors. One great example of this is https://Coinxes.com
This is a next generation peer-to-peer decentralised exchange that already has 12000+ users. It boasts the world’s first IEO Launchpad on a decentralised exchange and is making big waves in the crypto trading arena because of its global accessibility.

Running it’s own IEO & ICO in order to continue developing the product and increase market visibility https://Coinxes.com is THE IEO of the moment!

Join the fun ICO @ https://Coinxes.io
IEO now running @ https://latoken.com/ico/ETH-CXG