Why Timing is Everything In ICO Investing

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Why Timing is Everything in ICO Investing

ICOs have been declining in popularity since the boom of 2017 but does that mean that investors should now ignore them?

No. There are some great projects out there that are still worth a look by canny investors. What should you look for in an ICO?

Three things:

  1. Product
  2. Product
  3. Product

In all seriousness, the quality of the product is going to dictate the success of the company and the value of the coin/token. Some ICOs don’t even have a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) but merely an idea, it may be a great idea but is it feasible and do the numbers add up?

Others like Coinxes.com have a full working product and are running an ICO for further development and marketing of the platform. A working product is a big advantage when it comes to attracting investors to an ICO.

Something else to look out for is the private sales and pre-sales. Normally there will be a price reduction during these limited sales. If an investor can purchase tokens during these initial rounds then the opportunity for a profitable exit is greatly increased.

Coinxes Peer-to-peer Decentralised Exchange is currently in pre-sales with a bonus of 14%, this means you can buy Coinxes Gold (CXG) currently for $0.1796.

After the ICO CXG will be listing for $0.2088

But hurry! There’s less than 4 weeks left of pre-sales!

So with ICOs, in many aspects of life, TIMING IS EVERYTHING!