Why IEO?

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Coinxes P2P News

Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) is replacing the ICO, very quickly and the reasons are clear. The ICO is burdened with a lot of pitfalls.

The Initial Coin Offering started in 2013, with Mastercoin, and since then hundreds of projects have raised capital. Some of these projects are a scam and other projects have inflated figures to show they are raising money. Others got to the Exchange and within a few months die a death and end up being worth nothing, the investor is the greatest loser.

In order to protect the citizen from this ICO scam and rip-off some countries have placed a ban on ICOs, while others call for regulations.

The IEO is The Regulation of ICO

With the IEO the Exchange are the regulator of the project, they vet the project, and you are sure that this project will be listed on Exchange.

Who Benefits From an IEO?

Everyone benefits from IEO, the Exchange have a new source of income, the project has a better chance of raising their needed funds and the investor will see the project listed on an exchange and will be able to get a return for their investment.

The Secret, The New Gold Rush

The new gold rush is the IEO, but it has a secret that no one will tell you at the moment, it is the buying of the tokens of IEO platform. In a few minutes of Exchanges announcing that they will be offering IEO the value of their token goes through the roof, eg BnB, KCS,Gate.io, etc.

But look out for the Exchanges that are going to offer IEO and are offering their token for sale now, eg Coinxes, who are currently doing their private sale at the moment, they are the first Decentralized Peer to Peer Exchange to do this, very low profile at the moment but I think is going to be very big.

Buy the tokens now and see the value soar when their IEO goes live!

Please use my link: https://payment.coinxes.io/register/home