The Technology Behind a State of the Art Crypto-Exchange

Coinxes P2P News

A Case Study looking at the technology that runs one of the top crypto-exchanges currently available: CoinxesP2P

CoinxesP2P is a decentralised peer-to-peer exchange that not only allows traders to buy and sell the big names in crypto (BTC, ETH & NEO) but also gives access to an ICO/STO Token Counter. This enables users to purchase ICO tokens in their own local currency (a world’s first on digital exchanges). So what’s under the hood?

The Coinxes ICO whitepaper explains:

“using the multi-AZ distributed workload for high availability, with a multi-region setup using Route53 to distribute the workload between AWS Regions. CloudFront helps to scale and distribute static content via an S3 bucket and DynamoDB, maintaining the application state so that Auto Scaling can apply horizontal scaling without loss of session data. At the database layer, RDS with multiAZ standby provides high availability and read replica helps achieve scalability. Coinxes use the AWS elastic load balancing to route traffic between on – premises and cloud environments to help us scale our cloud environment quickly, whenever required, and reduce it further by applying Amazon auto-scaling and placing a threshold on our on-premises traffic using Route 53 with this we are able to avoid issues like scalability and capacity.”

This platform also boasts over 300 payment methods & Google Translate built in allowing traders to use their own language and currency to trade in crypto and ICO tokens.
The advantages are clear for expanding the availability of Blockchain trading solutions to the global market. Software based, trust-less trading has never had a better platform!

No wonder this robust service is attracting so much attention from traders and investors alike.

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