The Importance of Team Dedication and Integrity

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Coinxes P2P News

The previous reputation that plagued the crypto-currency industry of being an outlet for money laundering, general criminal activities and even funding for terrorists has been a wake-up call for genuine pioneers in this industry.

Of course “sharp business practices” have been always been a part of the business world but the potential to be involved with funding drugs and terrorism is on a different level altogether.

Anti-Money Laundering procedures (AML) has helped to put the brakes onto the spread of illegal crypto-trading but it’s currently not regulated so the onus is on the service providers themselves to implement the AML protocols.
This brings us to the importance of having a team that is dedicated and demonstrates integrity.

You want to make quick millions? Set up a crypto-currency exchange that doesn’t use KYC, so anyone can register and begin trading. But then you can expect the FBI to come-a-knocking!
But the temptation to make quick bucks is always there. The CEO and co-founders have to be sure that they all share the same values and that anyone they employ also is opposed to any illegal involvement.

Dedication to:

Always holding to the highest standards of AML
Immediately implementing new AML protocols as soon as they’re introduced
Rejecting potential traders who do not pass KYC
Resisting “short-cuts” that maximise profit but compromise integrity.

Integrity in:

Dealing with customers openly and honestly
Rejecting illegal trading in all its forms
Providing a product that genuinely benefits the customer
Consistently communicating with customers and industry experts to ensure the product and service is always of the highest standard

A team of integrity and dedication will provide a product that will rise to the top of the pile and provide a service that customers and investors alike can count on.