How The Trade War With China Is Turning Bitcoin Into A Reliable Alternative

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Politics is a hotbed of conflicting viewpoints, staggering inconsistencies and enough confusion to strike fear into the heart of even the most confident of analysts.
This uninviting wasteland produces a number of different reactions from the common man like you and I.
One such reaction is seeing Bitcoin rise over 127% in just 90 days!
The landmark Cryptocurrency is benefiting from the trade war between China and the US as they both announce increased tariffs in their respective goods.
The mainstream markets have tumbled and investors and traders alike have looked for a safe haven to diversify. Bitcoin has been that safe haven.
With no end in sight of the trade war Bitcoin is sure to continue is upward trend and is predicted by some analysts to break the $10k barrier before the end of the year.
This is great news for the London based peer-to-peer decentralised exchange that is leading the market in innovative trading solutions. Highly resistant to hacking the peer-to-peer platform gives investors peace of mind in a volatile market and is also giving startups a leg up with its IEO Launchpad!
This is a world’s first on a decentralised exchange and is currently helping two IEOs to fund their solution oriented Blockchain products.
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