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Investment Opportunity –

Introducing an investment opportunity in the ICO/Crypto-Currency market!

ICOs are the crowd-funding investments responsible for raising $7,852,477,041 funds during 2018 alone, with $89,530,000 raised in 2019 so far. (

CoinxesP2P is an innovative Crypto-Currency exchange that is set to revolutionise the current Crypto boom. It solves at least four problems that are preventing the present industry from reaching its full potential.

Problems solved by CoinxesP2P:

Standard trading in crypto-currency charges the trader three times:
(a) Deposit fee
(b) Trading fee
(c) Withdrawal fee

SOLUTION : CoinxesP2P charges 1% deposit fee ONLY. Trading and withdrawal is free. This gives traders extra incentive to list trades and invest using the CoinxesP2P platform exclusively.

Centralised trading platforms store funds on their servers allowing investor’s money to be highly susceptible to increased hacking risk. This is an extra concern that 21st Century traders shouldn’t have to deal with.

SOLUTION: CoinxesP2P is a decentralised platform where funds go peer-to-peer, so funds are not stored on the platform itself. The risk of hacking is eliminated.

Traders have to switch between trading platforms in order to purchase new and up & coming ICO tokens. Time is lost in creating accounts, switching funds, researching ICOs etc.

SOLUTION: CoinxesP2P has an ICO Tokens Counter allowing companies to list their ICO. Traders can then purchase the ICOs of their choice using any of the 300 payment methods available on the CoinxesP2P platform. CoinxesP2P also has an ICO benching service allowing traders to be well informed and conduct due diligence before investing. All of this is right there within the CoinxesP2P platform!

Traders are required to have a working knowledge of English for the vast majority of trading platforms.

SOLUTION: CoinxesP2P has Google Translate built into its system allowing traders to use their language of choice.

This is just four solutions that CoinxesP2P brings to the Crypto market. There are many more including a secure escrow system, in-house arbitration, user ratings etc.
At this time CoinxesP2P are running their own ICO to allow investors to become part of this market-changing platform! The ICO is currently in private sale. With Public sale starting on June 1 2019.

For the Whitepaper and more information please see for the ICO details & for the P2P platform.