IEO Launchpad on a IEO Launchpad – huh?

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Coinxes P2P News

An IEO project set to become something big. A P2P Decentralised Exchange with an IEO launchpad — will be an IEO itself from 1st May.

An IEO with an IEO? What do I mean? Quite literally that! Coinxes P2P Exchange has an IEO launchpad (counter) where ICO publishers can list their project. This generates revenue for them — but also for Coinxes P2P Exchange.

But Coinxes P2P Exchange is itself beginning its own IEO on the 1st May 2019, meaning that it is selling its CXG (Coinxes Gold) tokens which it will then use for investing in the development and marketing of the exchange.

So Coinxes P2P Exchange is an IEO which has in itself an IEO launchpad! In fact — if you go to you will see the Coinxes CXG tokens available to purchase on the IEO (ICO/STO) Launchpad Counter.

As if that wasn’t enough, you can also purchase its CXG tokens on its partners Exchange,, which is a top 30 crypto exchange.

The big thing at the moment is an IEO, and its not hard to see why.. security, safer investments, and more confidence in the project mean IEO’s are becoming popular quickly.

An IEO on an IEO? Yes — so whats not to like??