Coinxes P2P ICO ico Coinxes P2P ICO | Bridging Crypto with Fiat

Coinxes P2P ICO | Bridging Crypto with Fiat

The Coinxes P2P Platform allows you to trade in over 50 languages, with more planned for the future.

ICO publishers can now list their tokens/coins directly on the Coinxes P2P Exchange, and sell their token to any one from any part of the world without restriction based on geographical location, language and mode of payment.

ICO investors can buy any ICO listed on Coinxes Platform by selecting from the form of payment listed, or using their local currency, without paying any extra charges or worry about how to get cryptocurrency to buy ICO’s.

Coinxes P2P users can create a trade or buy and sell cryptocurrency without restrictions based on language, geographical location and mode of payment.

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Coinxes P2P ICO | Bridging Crypto with FiatCoinxes P2P ICO | Bridging Crypto with Fiat

合作 P2P 平台建立在分散的系统上, 并受到保护, 免受 DDos 攻击, 我们也有一个仲裁和评级系统, 以防止欺诈和骗子。 用户无需担心在结链平台上的信任, 因为要在我们的平台上进行交易, 考克斯不会持有您的数字资产。 考克斯是一个将加密资产从卖方链接到买方的平台, 我们为交易提供托管服务。 买家直接向卖家付款, 所以我们不持有您的资产。 我们不会在我们的平台上存储加密货币。 因此, 人们并不害怕黑客攻击。