A New Landscape For IEOs

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Coinxes P2P News

IEOs are currently in a kind of limbo. Some hosted on the biggest exchanges are selling out very quickly. Others listed on smaller exchanges are foundering because of a glut of similar listings and a lack of adequate marketing.

Because of this disconnect confidence in IEOs has waxed and waned.

The exchange with the biggest success rate with IEOs is also the exchange that recently suffered a hack worth $40m!

But now there’s an exchange that addresses all these issues with IEOs and is set to restore confidence in this vital crowd-funding model.

Coinxes Peer-to-peer Decentralised Exchange is highly resistant to hacking and hosts the world’s first decentralised IEO Launchpad.

With a strict screening policy and no upfront fees it means that only the best Blockchain start-ups will be listed on the Launchpad whether they have initially raised capital or not.

ICOs were able to assist a number of excellent products make it to market, but with confidence somewhat on the ebb IEOs will continue to replace them as the method of choice for start-ups to raise funds. And with Launchpads like Coinxes.com IEOs are going to be around  for a long time to come!