A Game- changing Crypto-Exchange

Coinxes P2P News

There has been a rapid increase in the number of Crypto-Exchange platforms for traders to choose from in recent years. Often experienced traders will swap between exchanges to buy and sell at the best possible price as well as attempting to limit the amount of fees they are paying to the exchanges themselves.
Although this is now the norm there is room for a disruption in this sector.

CoinxesP2P is set to be that disruption.

This is a Crypto-Exchange that comes with several notable solutions which are already drawing traders to the platform:

Free Trading and Withdrawal – the only fee for traders is a 1% deposit charge. This allows traders to maximise their returns.
ICO/STO Token Counter – start-up Blockchain companies can add their ICO tokens to the exchange for trading alongside the big names in crypto. This is a world’s first for decentralised exchanges and a huge boost for the ICO/STO industry. The increased visibility of this essential crowd-founding mechanism is long overdue and will help to bring crypto-investment into the mainstream.
In-House ICO Benching Service – allowing traders and investors to make informed choices from within the exchange.
In-house Arbitration – reduces dispute issues between traders.
Over 300 Payment Methods – users can employ their own local currency to trade crypto or purchase ICO coins. User base is not limited by geography; CoinxesP2P is a truly global exchange platform.
Exchange Available in 50 Languages – a working knowledge of English is not necessary to invest and trade.
Decentralised P2P Platform – highly resistant to hacking. Users details and funds are safe and secure.

The platform choice for traders is about to become very narrow as other Exchanges will to have up their game in order to compete with this revolutionary player stepping on to the world stage.